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Our company has been supplying external and internal shading systems for over 25 years.  The full range of our shading products (shutters, venetian blinds, roller blinds, vertical blinds, sunscreens, insect screens and window films) is displayed in our showroom.
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Roller Blinds

Motors for Roller Blinds – Product Information

For the automation of wooden or canvas roller blinds, our company uses 230 V motors manufactured to ISO 9001 standards by European market leader Somfy, for which a 5-year guarantee is available. Somfy tubular motors are built into the roller drum.
If you decide to install motorised roller blinds in the design stage or during restoration work to a building, then routing the wires for the motors of the roller blind is unproblematic and offers a cost-efficient solution. Wired motorisation requires wiring to be installed between the motors and control points used for the roller blinds. During the preparation of the power supply, 3x1mm2 cables must be routed from the point where the switch is to be installed and from the switch to the roller blinds.
In most cases, it is advisable to use for the control of the roller blinds a suitable type of the switch from whatever range has already been or is planned to be installed. If you choose Somfy switches, a recessed Inis Uno switch for each set or an Inis Duo switch controlling two sets of blinds separately, or a surface mounted Inis Keo switch can be used.
If work involving such an extent of wall slotting is no longer viable, or you simply need more comfort, then it is advisable to install an RF controlled roller blinds.
In order to operate the motorised roller blinds with a RF system, all you need to do is to connect the motor to the 230 V supply. The radio controlled system allows simple and fast installation without wall slotting and routing wires, while using the RF remote control provides for a feeling of enhanced comfort and convenience. During the preparation of the power supply, 3x1mm2 cables must be routed to the roller blinds.
The most frequently used motors work at 30 rpm with a  rated input of 80 W.
The motor uses a built-in radio receiver to communicate with RF transmitters such as a remote control unit or a programmable timer. Remote controls are available in single channel (Telis 1) and 5-channel (Telis 4) versions. The remote control can be substituted by a Centralis RTS switch, a single-channel, battery operated and surface mounted switch that requires no wiring.
Prices for motors include the fee for connecting them to the power supply system adequately prepared by the customer in line with our power supply preparation guide, as well as the fee of commissioning.

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Bakáts Téri Ének-Zenei Általános Iskola
Fixed insect screens, canvas roller blinds

Hungaroholding Faktoráló és Pénzügyi Szolgáltató Rt.
Textile vertical blinds, canvas roller blinds

Vár-Bau Bt.
Canvas roller blinds

I.G.M.-H Kft.
Canvas roller blinds

Pontos idő Kft.
Mobile insect screens, canvas roller blinds

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