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Our company has been supplying external and internal shading systems for over 25 years.  The full range of our shading products (shutters, venetian blinds, roller blinds, vertical blinds, sunscreens, insect screens and window films) is displayed in our showroom.
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Roller Blinds

What type of roller blinds should I choose?

On a spring or bead chain operated aluminium drum, a textile is rolled up which is impregnated with synthetic resin, the product of German manufacturer Bamberger. In addition to manual operation, canvas roller blinds are also available in motorised versions. Our motorised systems are equipped with motors from Somfy, certified to ISO 9001 standards.
14 different canvases are available for the traditional transparent version, and 5 for the blockout type. For skylights, we recommend mainly the aluminium pigmented versions, the canvases of which have good heat reflecting properties owing to their external aluminium coating. Our canvas roller blinds can also be fitted with sunscreens.

Spring operated canvas roller blinds

Traditional operation for vertical windows: the blinds can be stopped in any position by pulling them downwards and can be rolled up with a flick of the wrist.

Bead chain operated canvas roller blinds

Proper handling for all roller blinds exceeding 180cm in height is ensured by bead chain operation.

Canvas roller blinds for lofts

A version of spring operated roller blinds normally fitted on opening sashes, where the canvas is attached to the small loops mounted on the sides.  Owing to the constant tensioning by the spring installed in the rod, the canvas is always kept tense and parallel with the opening sash. 

Lux type canvas roller blinds

Encased Lux canvas roller blinds are ideal for shading sloped skylights. Mounted on the opening sash, this type of roller blinds provides complete blockout.

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Irodalom Kft.
Canvas roller blinds

Magyar Fotográfusok Háza Kht.
Canvas roller blinds

Eastrend Kft.
Canvas roller blinds

Landasin-Agrogazda Kft.
Canvas roller blinds

Dinoteq Kft.
Canvas roller blinds

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"These aluminium shutters are terrific – no worries. They worked for me, and you should try them too."
Vujity Tvrtko
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