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Our company has been supplying external and internal shading systems for over 25 years.  The full range of our shading products (shutters, venetian blinds, roller blinds, vertical blinds, sunscreens, insect screens and window films) is displayed in our showroom.
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Venetian Blinds

What type of venetian blinds should I choose?

Tango Wooden Venetian Blinds

An attractive feature of wooden Venetian blinds made with 25 mm slats is that in the so-called tensioned version they can be fitted on the opening sash of doors and windows. With sloping headrails, Tango wooden Venetian blinds are also suitable for non-rectangular surfaces.

TecnoWood Wooden Venetian Blinds

Apart from selling our own wooden Venetian blinds, our company is also a distributor of Italian TecnoWood wooden Venetian blinds, the primary advantage of which is that they allow a maximum width of 240cm. These exclusive wooden blinds are available in 8 colours, built with slats 25 or 50 mm in width, fitted with traditional cord support for slats or rails for the 50 mm type. Rectangular types can be operated manually or by motors.

Aluminium Venetian blinds

Traditional aluminium Venetian blinds are a popular and proven solution for both homes and offices. We use quality lacquered slats from Swedish manufacturer OPM, 25 or 16 mm in width, offering a choice of over a hundred colours and textures to our customers.

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Litván Köztársaság Nagykövetsége
Aluminium venetian blinds

Országos Rehabilitációs Intézet
Aluminium venetian blinds, textile vertical blinds

Propsz Kft.
Aluminium venetian blinds

Thermokor Kft.
Aluminium venetian blinds

Amazon Sport Kft.
Aluminium venetian blinds

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