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Our company has been supplying external and internal shading systems for over 25 years.  The full range of our shading products (shutters, venetian blinds, roller blinds, vertical blinds, sunscreens, insect screens and window films) is displayed in our showroom.
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Aluminium Louvres

Product Information

Aluminium louvres are ideal shading devices for offices, shops and public buildings.The advantage of aluminium louvres is that the continuous adjustment of the angle of slats allows for any required interior light conditions to be created. Even with the windows open, dazzling sunlight and UV rays are blocket oud, furniture and carpets are protected against bleaching, and the exposure of electronic equipment to excessive heat is avoided.
In every slat position, aluminium louvres ensure the natural ventilation of the room, while screening or blocking out direct light. Aluminium louvres offer total protection from view, also reducing the amount of external noise, polluting material and dust entering the room. They require virtually no maintenance, as their excellent design contains durable and weather-proof components only. Aluminium side guides fitted with plastic inserts ensure noiseless operation even in winds of 50 to 60 km/h. Double coated slats with walls of 0.45 mm in width, beaded on both sides, require no special cleaning materials or processes, they can be cleaned using traditial techniques and are permanently colour-fast.

Technical Specification for Aluminium Louvres

The 60 x 64 mm aluminium mounting rail, open on the lower side, is used on one hand to fasten the louvres to the building with brackets, while it also serves as the primary support unit with its bearing. On installation, the special actuator moving the system can be positioned at any end of the mounting rail or in any intermediate position.  The mounting rail is also used to adjust the lower and upper extremes for positioning the slats of the louvres.Aluminium louvres are available in white, light grey, silver and in eggshell colours at standard prices. Slats are made of lacquered aluminium bands with a nominal width of 58 or 82 mm, beaded on both sides and fitted with a plastic guide on one side, stabilising each slat on alternate sides against lateral movement. Slats are held at the appropriate hight by a rope assembly and a 8 mm wide Trevira belt serves to lower or lift them. The one and two-sided side guides are extruded aluminium profiles, and are fitted with plastic inserts on the inside to ensure noiseless operation.Shielding or protective casing is required for externally mounted headrails, which is supplied and installed in a size that suits the rolled up bundle, in a white powder coated finish. The bottom rail of the aluminium louvres is made from an extruded aluminium profile, which makes up a frame to the slats combined with the side guides and the protective casing. On request, the protective casing, the side guides and the bottom rails are also available in individual colours selected from the RAL colour chart.

Operating the Aluminium Louvres

When operated manually, the louvres can be lowered by means of a crank mechanism fitted with U-joints and let through the wall of the building or the casing of the window. Doing so, the overlapping slats block the view.  In their lowered position, or in any intermediate position, the slats can be opened by rotating the crank in the opposite direction until the slats reach a horizontal position. By rotating the crank further, the slats start to be bundled up on the head rail from below. This means that while the louvres are rolled up, the room will not be darkened and the wind load will impact a minimised surfaced.When operated by a motor, the aluminium louvres can be moved at the push of a button with
ease, silently and sparingly, resulting in a prolonged lifespan compared to manual operation. The electric motor fitted in the mounting rail forms an integral unit with the shading device.Electric controls
are the most effective solution to ensure the optimal conditioning of a building. Depending on the function of the building, shading devices can be controlled individually, in groups, by floors, elevations or even uniformly for the entire building. Automation can be controlled by a timer or a photovoltaic sensor.

Design data

For new buildings, it is recommended to construct the place in advance where the aluminium louvres will be mounted, recessed in the elevation and covered by an apron wall, while on existing buildings, or when installed on the elevation, aluminium louvres are mounted using a protective casing.

The following table includes data on the height of the rolled-up slat bundle, depending on the type of slat:

Height (cm) 100 125 150 175 200 225 250 275 300 325 350 375 400 425
PAK 58 19 20,5 22,5 24,5 26,5 28,5 30,5 33 35 37,5 39,5 42 44 46,5
PAK 82 17,5 19  20,5   22,5 24,5 26 27,5 29,5  31 33  34,5  36,5  38  40 

Minimum width for manual operation 50 cm
Minimum width for motor operation 60 cm
Maximum width 430 cm
Minimum height 30 cm
Maximum height 425 cm
Maximum surface for manual operation 7 nm
Maximum surface for motor operation 8 nm

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