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Our company has been supplying external and internal shading systems for over 25 years.  The full range of our shading products (shutters, venetian blinds, roller blinds, vertical blinds, sunscreens, insect screens and window films) is displayed in our showroom.
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Our company is a certified Somfy Expert Partner.

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Vertical Awnings – Price List

Vertically operated awnings, Helios Separet type
Retractable Awnings, Helios
[Prices does not include VAT. Comprehensive, 2-year warranty. In general, orders are ready within 18 working days after they are received. Delivery and installation charges are extra.]

The following prices refer to in-store pick up and do not contain installation and delivery charges. When delivery and installation are requested, +12% surcharge applies.

Awning width (no. of arms) Awnings height
to 100 cm to 150 cm to 200 cm to 250 cm to 300 cm
150-200 cm (2) 28 000 HUF 31 800 HUF 35 750 HUF 39 700 HUF 43 650 HUF
201-250 cm (2) 31 950 HUF 36 750 HUF 41 750 HUF 46 700 HUF 51 550 HUF
251-300 cm (2) 36 000 HUF  41 850 HUF 47 700 HUF 53 600 HUF 59 450 HUF
301-350 cm (2) 39 950 HUF 46 800 HUF 53 700 HUF 60 450 HUF 67 450 HUF
351-400 cm (2) 44 000 HUF 51 850 HUF 59 700 HUF 67 450 HUF 75 250 HUF
401-450 cm (2) 50 100 HUF

58 900 HUF

67 600 HUF 76 400 HUF 85 300 HUF
451-500 cm (2) 52 000 HUF 61 700 HUF 71 550 HUF 81 350 HUF 91 150 HUF
501-550 cm (2)  58 000 HUF 68 700 HUF 79 650 HUF 90 350 HUF 101 200 HUF

Extra charges, accessories
Powder coating of awnings in colour of choice (RAL)


Fixing of barrel 8 000 HUF/pcs
Special canvas +15 %
Installation for elevated floors 3 000 HUF/floor
Replace of canvas 4 550 HUF/m2

Installation and delivery
Delivery and installation of our own awnings (based on the final quote) +12 %

Terms of delivery

The prices of vertical awnings do not include VAT, but in Budapest and its surroundings within 30km, they do include free assessment and advice as well as the costs of transportation and installation for orders above HUF 50 000. For orders below this limit, a travel cost of HUF 10 000 will be added to our prices. For orders outside the 30km range, a net travel cost of 150 HUF/km will be added to our prices (charged both ways, calculated from the 30th km measured from Clark Ádám square in District I), payable for both assessment and installation (e.g. for a 70km distance a cost of 2 x 2 x 40=160km x HUF 150, that is HUF 24 000 will be charged per journey.) We accept orders from Budapest and its surroundings within 120km, consequently we can only undertake production without installation for larger distances. Our prices include parking fees in regular zones, but we charge customers for officially applicable fees in special zones (e.g. Buda Castle).

Deadline of delivery

Generally, we deliver within 20 days of the first business day following receipt (or with bank transfers, crediting) of the advance payable on assessment.

Please contact our showroom staff for advice or a free written offer.
Our final offer will be issued by our specialist carrying out the preliminary assessment on-site, based on actual production dimensions and taking unique installation features into account. For unusual requirements, we charge an hourly fee of HUF 7 000 for consultation and preparing unique technical solutions. Due to the fact that all of our products are custom-built assemblies, we require advance payment upon placement of the order, which is generally 30% of the price for retail customers, payable in cash on assessment (or in exceptional cases, subsequently by bank transfer). The remaining amount is payable on installation when the project is commissioned.


Our prices include 1 year of full warranty for vertical awnings and 5 years for Somfy motors.

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Leroy Cafe / Bécsi út

CD Hungary Zrt.

Form+Art 2003 Kft.

MURTON Ingatlanbefektető Kft.

Szigetcsépi Óvoda

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"I am fond of light and brightness, but not in my bedroom while I am asleep, Using these shutters, all light is shut out completely… I can sleep well."
Péter Besenyei
aerobatics world champion
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