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Our company has been supplying external and internal shading systems for over 25 years.  The full range of our shading products (shutters, venetian blinds, roller blinds, vertical blinds, sunscreens, insect screens and window films) is displayed in our showroom.
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Aluminium Shutters – Product Information

The key asset of aluminium shutters is that all of its components are made of aluminium, resulting in longer lifetime, lending them an aesthetic appearance, providing excellent thermal insulation both in winter and summer, and mechanical protection against burglary.
Aluminium shutters are easy to operate and are suitable for shutting out light completely if needed. Our aluminium shutters are made using materials from German manufacturer Roma. The powder coated aluminium slats, available in a large variety of colours to be used for the production of our shutters, are arched double wall aluminium profiles, the cavities of which are filled with polyurethane foam, producing a heat transfer coefficient as low as K=1,1 W/m2 and a weighted sound reduction index of Rw=36 dB.

For shutters using slats with a useful height of 37 mm, the maximum allowed shutter size is 3 x 2.8 m, and 3.5 x 2.8 m if 44 mm slats are used. Reliable operation is ensured by slat stabilisers fitted to the ends of each slat.
The drum rotating on ball bearings is a galvanised steel tube, to which the slat is attached with an anti-lift device.
The side guides are 22 x 53 mm aluminium profiles, complete with rubber seals to reduce noise.  The closed shutter box, powder coated during production, has a housing capacity ranging from 125 x 125 mm to 180 x 180 mm, depending on the height of the shutter.
In addition to the most popular model with an external box which is suitable for retrofitting, we also supply models that can be fitted between casement and plastering. Shutter boxes, side guides and aluminium bottom rails are available at standard prices in white, dark brown (sarotti), silver, grey or beige, but for an extra cost of 15%, these may be ordered powder coated in any colour of the RAL K7 colour chart (with these last three basic colours or individually selected colours, the deadline of delivery may be extended by 5 business days).

For newly built houses, it is much more attractive and practical to choose a model the box of which can be plastered over, as there is only a minimal extra cost compared to the traditional aluminium shutter with an externally mounted box. As early as the development of the working designs of the building, it is important to take into account the room that is required for the installation of the recessed box as per the shutter installation diagram available in the documents menu. If the walls have been constructed but the windows are not yet installed, the necessary room can be created by means of a so-called frame extender. In this case, the window will naturally have to be somewhat lower. The aluminium slats are followed by a powder coated aluminium bottom rail, the end of which houses the bumpers that are invisible from outside, which allows the shutter to retain its aesthetic appearance even if it is rolled up. The noise of the aluminium shutter hitting the sill is reduced by the rubber profile fitted on the lower side of the bottom rail. The standard model of the aluminium shutter is operated by means of a 15 mm wide belt made of synthetic fibre. On the interior side, the belt is connected to an automatic belt tensioner.  On request, our aluminium shutters are fitted with an electric motor or a crank mechanism. A wide range of electric controls are available for motor operated solutions.

For increased security, it is possible to install a MiniQuick anti-lift device, which is hidden in the casing of the shutter and prevents the shutter from being rolled up from its completely lowered position. Our shutters with internally mounted boxes are fitted with a new roll drum, side guides of 22 x 25 mm, slat stabilisers and a traditional bottom rail including bumpers.

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